World Maintenance Forum

World Maintenance Forum is a social network in the field of assets maintenance.

We act as a worldwide network for connecting individuals, shareholders and stakeholders, countries and cultures. All types of affiliations are represented, including individuals and local management, and industrial and service companies such as utilities, infrastructure, and facilities.


Our vision is to “Think global, and act local”.


Our mission is to promote global collaboration and to support the development and communication of knowledge where needed; serving individuals, shareholders and all stakeholders; and incorporating expertise as appropriate.


Our platform is the liaison between our associate offices, currently in Geneva, Guangzhou and Riyadh; and the management of the World Maintenance Forum (the WMF).

The WMF is a bi-annual conference and exhibition, held in Guangzhou this year, which includes local activities, workshops and discussions on improvements to be made in the role and quality of maintenance. (The logo of the WMF is registered in Switzerland).

Re-positioning of Maintenance throughout the world

Fundamental changes are taking place throughout the world due to the new priorities. Sustainability is only one of these new priorities. We seek to provide local markets in all countries with innovative solutions in co-operation with the leading experts. The result will be a Re-positioning of Maintenance.


Our objectives are to

  • provide cooperation and collaboration in supporting the design and development of maintenance strategies, processes and systems for all situations,
  • promote the coordination and alignment of maintenance with the operational objectives of organisations,
  • assist in the advance and communication of knowledge so that local challenges will be confronted in a proactive way,
  • support compliance and the on-going green revolution,
  • provide education, training and local support.

Guangzhou, 27 and 28 November 2009